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A local Washington D.C-based group of tango festival organizers approached EBI with a call for help to build a flexible and easy-to-use festival registration system. The key problems that the new system had to solve were:

  • enforcing festival deadlines & policies,
  • making it possible and easy for attendees to invite their partners,
  • allowing festival organizers to build different types of passes/packages without any programming help,
  • making the whole registration process a breeze for attendees,
  • having a capability to upsell all kinds of addons,
  • designing registration and other type of fees based on festival and specific passes.


While the problem description seemed simple, the project itself turned out to be a great analytical excercise for EBI engineers. After prototyping the system and building several storyboards, it was apparent that the system would have many deadlock and difficult what-if scenarios that had to be addressed and the team addressed them all. The result was TangoFRS a festival registration system (FRS) offering an unmatched set of features that made the festival registration process into a nuance.

TangoFRS is built on a powerful engine that requires no programming and puts non-technical users of the system in charge of creating festival passes, processing registrations and managing festival schedule.


TangoFRS has a very rich set of features that increases festival managers' productivity by an order of magnitute and here are just some of the key highlights of the system:

  • Pass/Package Builder. Puts festival organizers into a control seat enabling them to compose various passes/packages using a simple pass builder tool.
  • Addons. Enables to sell additional items coupled with festival passes/tickets.
  • Fees. Provides festival organizers with a simple mechanism to charge credit card fees based on festival and passes. The tool allows creating additional mandatory fees like parking fees, badge fees, cancellation fees and more.
  • Export everything. Gets all festival data out of the engine into Excel-like files.
  • Class Invitations. Empowers festival attendees to invite their partners to join classes. The system shields festival organizers from many headaches of partnering attendees up and balancing classes.
  • Login with Facebook & Google. Attendees can sign up for a festival using their Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Reports. Generates a printer-friendly schedule of a festival right outside the engine. Other reports include Class Reservations, User Schedule & Packages Bought and a few more.
  • Waiting lists. When classes are unavailable, attendees can add themselves to waiting lists. The system notifies them when a vacancy opens up.

In the nutshell TangoFRS is the ultimate tango festival registration system that many event organizers have been waiting for.


 Technical Details

  • Operating System(s): Linux
  • Web Server(s): Apache Web Server
  • Database Server(s): MySQL
  • Scripting: JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, BASH
  • UI: Front-end UI, Administator Console


Client Testimonial

Very efficient and to the point. Very happy with the results and the professionalism!
Have used EBI on several projects, including a major online registration system, highly specified, with multiple unusual requirement and reports and could not be happier. The developers I worked with took the time to understand the requirements and understood them correctly, thought them through and offered multiple solutions for complex problems considering the specifications and the budget. Throughout the process I was really impressed how the additional changes were handled as I would always receive intelligent feedback on what can and cannot be added and what would conflict with the logic of the existing system. Very efficient and to the point, everything works well and whatever fixes were needed were done in a timely and effective manner. Very happy with the results and the professionalism of eBusiness Innovations. Would defiitely work with them again and recommend!

Julia Schiptsova
Tango Element, Inc.


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