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Web Design

There are many different development processes in the web design industry. We base our approach on a very few fundamental principles that make our websites simple, elegant and user-driven. From brochure websites to large information portals; from online shopping carts to custom web applications; we focus on understanding your needs, your vision, your audience and then transforming them into a robust, modern, usable product that strongly communicates your marketing message.

web design

The Process

Based on the long history of doing website design and development, EBI has formed a simple four-step process or "4D Process" that helps us to deliver exceptionally designed products while fully engaging all project stakeholders. It consists of Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy stages.

1. Discover

In the Discover stage, we profile our client's needs, vision, feature requirements, marketing and communication ideas, and formulate them in a Project Discovery Document. We start this step from an initial kick-off meeting or a phone or video call with the client, filling out a project profile questionnaire, and collecting additional functional and business requirements of the product.

2. Design

During the Design stage, our team of talented designers create several mock-ups - visual prototypes - of the future website. We then submit the samples to our client for review and selection  of the one that most closely resembles their vision and needs. After the prototype is picked, this stage proceeds with detailed design of a website template - skin - and related graphical artwork, accompanied by creation of an informational architecture or organization of the website content into a site map. Depending on the scale of the website, block diagrams - wireframes - and click-flow charts are produced to describe how the website can be used by end users to accomplish their various tasks. Usability plays a paramount role in this process.

3. Develop

The third stage starts with converting all visual prototypes and graphical artwork into cross-platform modern web pages. If we were building a brochure website, our next steps would be populating the webpage template with content and then assembling everything into a fast loading standards-compliant website. If the project included building a website on a Content Management System (CMS), such as Joomla or WordPress, we would integrate the newly developed web page templates into this CMS, create a site structure within the CMS and populate it with the content. Our final steps in the "Develop" stage include testing the website, a client walk-through (or a formal training session) and modifications to the website's content and styles.

4. Deploy

The final stage includes all preparation activities required to launch the website successfully, from configuring all servers used by the project, to registering the website with search engines, portals and specialized online directories. After the website is launched, EBI regularly monitors its performance and follows up with the client to ensure all needs are being met.

Ready to Start?

If you are excited to start your website project, just fill out our project profiler or submit your RFP to us, and we would love to learn more about your project!

If you need more time, check out our portfolio of web design samples that we crafted for our clients over the years and let us know what you think

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