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Content Management

When your online presence needs to go beyond having a simple brochure website that you rarely update, you may need to implement a Content Management System or CMS. A CMS offers many advantages, from enabling site owners to change any page or section of the website, to expanding the website's functionality by adding new modules, such as newsletter subscriptions, web forms, running surveys and online polls, discussion forums, or syndicating content from other online sources.

Content Management

EBI has been building CMS-powered websites since 2002, from member-driven websites for associations and nonprofits to large intranet portals for the United States government. Our company has also built its own CMS product, SmartBee(R) CMS, which we still use today for projects that fit a certain profile. But our main focus has shifted towards implementing open-source content management systems: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 and MediaWiki.

Although any of these CMSes can be used for any website, we recommend keeping the following general categorization in mind:

  • WordPress is ideally designed for a relatively small websites and works great for small business owners who need to update their websites on a regular basis.
  • Joomla is a very versatile CMS that can be deployed for small websites to very large portals and has a very large active development community that has created over 7,000 extensions and modules.
  • Drupal's ideal profile is a very large member-driven website with many types of content.
  • Typo3 is a great CMS when you want to build a high-traffic and extremely large website where most content is static or requires little user interaction.
  • MediaWiki is an amazing tool to consolidate your organizational knowledge into a collaborative online resource.

For more a detailed CMS comparison check out "[CMS Comparison Matrix]".

Plan to deploy a CMS?

Do you need our help to take control of your website's content and functionality? Then let us know and we will help you pick the best CMS for your project, deploy and maintain it and train your staff.

If you need more time, check out our sample portfolio of CMS projects that we successfully completed.

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