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3210 Consulting Principal Lexa Gandolfo Announces Sale of Company to eBusiness Innovations, Inc. (EBI)

EBI Founder and President Alex Avdeyev Has Headed 3210’s Development and Technology Initiatives Since 2003

Washington, DC – Founder and Principal Lexa Gandolfo has announced the sale of 3210 Consulting, one of the area’s premier technology consulting and development firms for non-profits and small businesses, to eBusiness Innovations, Inc. (EBI). Alex Avdeyev, who for many years has served as 3210’s Chief Technology Officer in addition to his role as EBI Founder and President, will assume management of all current 3210 clients as part of EBI, effective immediately.

The transition will be completely seamless, as Avdeyev has been an integral part of the 3210 team since 2003, and has been in charge of the organization’s day-
to-day operations since 2009. “Alex and I have been working together at 3210 for over 10 years,” notes Gandolfo. “He is completely familiar with every aspect of the business; we have always had an excellent working relationship. My clients have seen firsthand Alex’s technical aptitude and attention to detail, and they can also attest to his commitment to customer service. I look forward to witnessing their continued success with EBI.”

Avdeyev, for his part, is enthusiastic about the future. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to empower 3210 clients with new and creative solutions, and to continue to build upon our trusted relationships,” he states. “Until now, EBI has been focused on IT offerings that 3210 did not provide, including networking and help desk services. By bringing 3210’s capabilities under the larger EBI umbrella, we’re expanding our reach, and providing a much wider range of services to our clients.”



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